1. When does the Foundation give scholarships?

Applications for scholarships for the upcoming academic year (academic years starting in the fall) must be submitted online by February 1 of that same year. For example, to apply for a scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year, applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted by February 1, 2019. 2019-2020 academic year applications will be available to complete on-line at www.doylefound.org beginning on November 1, 2018. The applications and the additional documentation requested must be completed and submitted online no later than February 1, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to the large volume of applications received, only those applicants receiving a scholarship will be notified. Students receiving a scholarship will be notified by email by April 15 of each year.

2. What is requested in the application process?

To apply, you must meet the qualifying school criteria (see #4 below). If you meet the qualifying school criteria, you may choose the “Apply for a Scholarship” button and create a new account each year. A complete application includes a signed legal contract, a completed application form including a personal essay, school transcripts from all academic institutions attended, the applicant’s Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA, financial aid information, and a budget/cost of attendance form from each school listed on the application. Applicants are also asked to request two letters of recommendation, submit a work experience form and a school/community activities form. All forms are available within the application menu. Applicants who received this scholarship last year do not have to re-submit some of the documents.  See #14-16 below.

3. What is a Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA?

The Student Aid Report (SAR) is generated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Student Aid Report provides validated information to assist organizations in making decisions about a student’s financial aid. See Sample SAR. A SAR “summary form” is not an acceptable substitution for the actual SAR. When applying, upload all 5 pages of your SAR as one document, not as separate pages.

4. What are the criteria for applying for this scholarship?

Refer to the qualifying schools page on this website for information regarding qualifying schools. You must meet the qualifying school criteria to apply for this scholarship.

5. What does “restricted scholarship” mean?

This scholarship is restricted & each student’s scholarship is unique. Scholarship funds may only be used for specific educational expenses. Financial aid may affect the amount of the scholarship that can be used. All scholarship recipients are required to make payment requests and submit additional documents for the scholarship to be paid. Additional details will be provided to all scholarship recipients.

6. Why does the application ask if I received this scholarship before?

All applicants are required to submit all application documents with the following exception:  If an applicant received a scholarship from The Doyle Foundation, Inc. for 2018-2019, some documents will not need to be re-submitted and will not show on the application form once the initial fields are completed. If an applicant received a scholarship from this Foundation more than one academic year ago (prior to 2018-19), the applicant is required to complete and upload ALL application documents.

7. If I did or did not receive a scholarship from the Foundation, can I reapply the following year?

Yes. There is no limit to how many times an applicant can apply for this scholarship.

8. Do I have to apply online?

Yes. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Visit the applications page to sign up to apply. 2019-20 academic year scholarship applications will be open November 1, 2018 through February 1, 2019 only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. Can I send in some of my documents online and mail or email other documents?

No, you must apply entirely online. Your application will not be accepted if you submit some documents online and mail or email other documents.

10. How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Once signed in, applicants will see a letters of recommendation form that should be completed. Once saved it is automatically emailed to the letter authors. The letter authors’ email address will be required. The letter author receives the request by email and then directly uploads the letter to the Foundation. The letters automatically become part of your application. Deadline for letter of recommendation submissions is also February 1, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS.

11. How do I know if I completed and submitted my application online?

You may “Save Draft” of your application if you wish to return and edit it prior to February 1. Once you have completed the application, click “Save” and you will return to the main menu/forms page where you can complete your work experience, school/community activities, and letters of recommendation forms. You must “Submit” all 4 forms by February 1, 2019. No changes can be made to the application or other forms after you submit them, or after February 1, 2019. We encourage you to print or save your application and other forms.

12. How do I know if I uploaded my documents correctly?

If you see your documents’ names in the correct upload fields on your application, you have successfully uploaded them to the application. You may upload new documents until February 1, 2019 as long as you have not submitted your application and forms at the bottom of the forms page. Unofficial transcripts can be submitted with your application.

13. I do not have any work experience and/or school/community activities to list. What should I do?

Simply follow the directions to submit a blank form. All forms must be submitted to submit your application.

The remaining questions apply only to 2018-19 The Doyle Foundation, Inc. scholarship recipients who are applying for a 2019-20 scholarship:

14. My payment request portal log-in email and password do not work on the scholarship application log-in page. What should I do?

As stated on the scholarship application log-in page, ALL applicants must create a new account in this new system. Choose “Sign up” to do so. The 2019-20 scholarship application is a separate system from all previous systems.

15. Is there a separate application for those who received this scholarship in 2018-19?

No. However, fields are automatically modified within the application based on your answers to the first few questions. If you received this scholarship for 2018-19, you will not be required to submit letters of recommendations or a personal essay, but you will be required to submit proof of income and financial information.

16. I received this scholarship in 2018-19 and I am applying again. Do I have to complete the work experience, school/community activities, and letters of recommendation forms?

Technically, yes. The system requires submission of all forms, but blank forms can be submitted. If you have additional work experience or school/community activities since your previous application, you may add them. If you do not, simply follow the directions to submit a blank form. You do not have to re-list your previous work experience or activities, but you do have to save all the forms in order to submit your application.