About the Foundation

A firm handshake, a clear steady gaze, a welcoming smile, a persuasive energy and a dynamic achiever… this was Frank Doyle. He attended Fordham and Rutgers Universities and he, along with his wife Gertrude R. Doyle combined education with a dedication to the belief that when opportunity knocks, it’s wise to open the door. From New Jersey to Nevada, Florida to California, Frank found challenges and embraced them with a zest and vigor that never said, “it can’t be done.” The seventh son of immigrant parents his was a life well lived. After the passing of Frank M. Doyle in 1996, Gertrude R. Doyle founded The Frank M. Doyle Foundation, Inc. Initially, the foundation provided scholarships to students in the Huntington Beach, California area. As described by Gertrude R. Doyle,

“The Frank M. Doyle Foundation offers your community a unique and unsurpassed opportunity. There is no minimum grade point average; there is no income cap. Age is not a factor. Both need based and merit scholarships are awarded. Our recipients attend trade schools, community colleges, state universities, the University of California system, the University of Nevada system, schools outside of California and Nevada, both public and private. They school to become beauticians and graphic artists as well as doctors and lawyers. The foundation’s focus is to enable students to pursue further education in order to encourage the endurance of a productive, prosperous, and resourceful community.”

Over the years, the foundation expanded the scholarship application pool to include students from Orange County, California Community Colleges, and Washoe County, Nevada students to its application pool. The foundation also branched out beyond the academic world and began providing grants to nonprofit organizations in an effort to fulfill Mr. and Mrs. Doyle’s dream of a better world for all. In late 2008, after the passing of Gertrude R. Doyle, the foundation adopted the name, The Frank M. and Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation, Inc., and in 2018 became “The Doyle Foundation, Inc.”